Breaking unhealthy cycles of behavior through meditation and prayer.

The term gaslighting is nothing new for some, especially for those held victim to it. Gaslighting can be defined as manipulation by psychological or emotional means causing another to question their reality. …

Finding Health and Wholeness in Psalm 5.

Moving through Paths of Morning Ritual

I was on the trail this morning. The sun was out. The air was cool for July. Shadows crossed an earthen path beneath an arch of trees.

“This is sanctuary,” I thought to myself, “one of the…

Psalm 2: A welcome antidote to a culture of complaint.

Psalm 2 may not be the most glamorous, but it bears a truth worth telling. A person has been called upon to lead.

This was no ordinary person. The selection process was lengthy. Just when it was thought that all…

Rob Lohmeyer

Hospice Chaplain/Bereavement Coordinator. Kerrville, Texas. Doctoral Degree. Masters of Divinity. BA in English Literature. Running. Guitar. Reflection.

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